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If you have ever wished you could combine the multiple dental visits required to get dental crowns into one day, Implant & General Dentistry in Cary has good news for you. With the CEREC® same-day system, you can get one crown or multiple crowns in a matter of hours. The CAD/CAM system has already provided more than 30 million tooth procedures so far, each with excellent results. Your same-day crowns will be customized to match your natural teeth. We will begin your appointment by diagnosing your situation and creating an impression of your teeth. Next, we will design and mill your permanent crowns to be fixed into your mouth. Once we install your crown, you can be on your way.

Convenient Same-Day Treatment

Getting your porcelain crowns on the same day you go in for a fitting offers several benefits. Many people prefer same-day service because it means they do not need to take multiple days off of work or school in order to attend inconvenient dental appointments. Additionally, CEREC® crowns mean you do not need to deal with wearing temporary crowns, which are often the wrong color and uncomfortable. Finally, digital mapping of your teeth means you don’t need to taste any of the materials typically associated with taking an impression of your teeth. Of course, the benefits will last much longer than a day, though. With the proper care, your same-day crowns will give you a healthier and more beautiful smile for years to come.

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